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DeclareWear was born out of the need to express ourselves. My best friend and I had the idea of Positive Reflections (see the girl on the bottom right) years ago and we introduced the idea to our world and ladies loved it! Now we’ve re-created the design and chose the softest, most fun sleep shirt we could find. We love reminding women that they can trust God and have a great day in a way that is unique. I’m sure you’ll love it for yourself or a gift

​2aTee is our line for all Americans. It’s a necessity in every closet and dresser to declare your love for the USA, now more than ever.

We do CUSTOM DESIGNS for groups and lots more. Just send us a note! We’d love to discuss it with you. That’s what we did for The Ice Bar in Asheville, NC. They’re a bit crazy over there! Go see ‘em and tell them TerryAnn sent you!

That’s all for now, but thanks for letting us talk about ourselves for just a bit ;)

Send us a note on the "Custom Orders" Page!

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To encourage love of God,

love of country,

and having fun.

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With every purchase we will donate to a charity

that promotes the love of Christ.  First on our list is Project Kenny who support veterans by providing service dogs for those in need. It's our honor to stand with those who need our financial and prayer support as they drop a shoulder to get the job done.

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